Early Christmas Gift

November 30th, 2011 posted by admin

Winter is almost here and some want to say ’Merry Christmas’to their loved ones with an unexpected ski trip. In the UK the weather is still a bit ‘up and down’ in many ways. Across the rest of Europe however the temperature has been falling steadily for quite a while. All the ski resorts across the Alps have begun to operate and the first waves of ski enthusiasts have already landed. This season though there has been a remarkable difference in the pricing and operating structure. Skiing just like every other tourist activity has not been immune to the economic freeze.

Many tariffs this season have tried to remain competitive without losing their margins – a difficult feat even in good times. It is because of this small price war that the ski numbers are still up comparatively year on year. Operators know that they have to refrain from upping their prices too much for fear of scaring off both the regulars and the newbies. Yet the price war has extended further afield into the realm of ski equipment.


If you are planning on a ski trip soon, then you need to think about the men’s ski jackets available. Buying a jacket from a high street store is likely to cost at least twice as much as it will from an online retailer. The main reason for this is simply because the online retailer does not have the same overheads to consider as the high street equivalent. Shop displays are not required and staffing costs are kept lower because of the lack of need to have shops all over the place. Try before you buy certainly, but buy your jacket online.


The same rule applies to goggles as it did for jackets. However with goggles it can be preferable to sometimes purchase on the high street rather then online. The only reason for this is that these can take time to adjust and unless you are 100% comfortable with your goggles then you are not going to have the best time when actually skiing. Do remember though that they are still cheaper to buy online.


This is probably the only essential that requires neither online or offline shopping…unless budget isn’t an issue for you. All resorts offer boots and skis to hire for visitors and unless you plan on skiing regularly, buying a pair of boots just isn’t worth the money at the moment.


Go online all the time for these. Gloves are worth trying on in-store, but once you have found a pair that fits and suits you, leave the shop and order them off the internet. Cost efficiency is paramount if you are to make the most out of a ski trip this season.

Anything else?

Staying warm is something that many a skier old and new underestimates. The sun shines a lot on the slopes and whilst it can give you sunburn if you’re not adequately shielded, the temperatures are still well below freezing on many days. Getting the right jacket and gloves before you arrive are the two things that every skier must take time to do. After that, the only thing you need to remember to do is to have fun!

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